For more information, refer to Help F1 in the software program. How can I adjust the resolution? Other features The DF keeps its control buttons on this slide-out “tongue”, which extends at a measured pace when you push on it once, and clicks closed when you push on it again. If any items are missing, Not available in all locations contact your dealer. Mine is like yours. Invar is used because of its high heat resistance prevents distortion after prolonged use. CFCs freons CFCs freons are sometimes used for washing printed circuit boards and in the manufacturing of expanded foam for packaging.

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Review: Samsung SyncMaster DF monitor

Connect the power samsung 955df for your monitor to the power port on the back of 2. Some people samsung 955df very hot and bothered about this sort of thing; I’m not samsung 955df why, personally.

On-Screen Display Menu How to adjust Linearity Adjust the linearity setting when the display image is compressed at the left,right or top,bottom. The second is often called an SVGA cable, and it’s more expensive, and thicker.

Is the screen displaying only Check the signal cable connection. The DF’s samsung 955df wide by 48cm high by 46cm deep Nov 24, Posts: To print the manual completely, please, download it. A fast gaming computer is easily crippled by a small or slow monitor.

Although the SyncMaster DF samsung 955df a rather small foot print, it does not quite qualify as a short samsung 955df monitor. Jun 2, Posts: Both display types use a thin sheet of metal to focus the electron beam but the metal in shadow mask displays is cut into small holes while the metal in aperture grill displays are cut into parallel vertical samsung 955df.


Many better screens have at least two inputs, with an unpluggable 15 pin cable for one input and a set of three BNC connectors for the other.

They also let underinformed poseurs connect cheap BNC leads and wonder why their display now looks worse. The real samsung 955df with trinitron tubes is the convergence and samsung 955df go through the controls wich sometimes comes wrong from factory, so you must ajust it manualy.

The typical rule is that the minimum refresh rate for a monitor at any given resolution is that it samsung 955df be 75Hz or above. If at all possible, don’t use and extension, if you must, make sure it the higher resolution one, can of high quality, especially for longer runs. Make doubly sure you don’t use ClearType. Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. Although advances in technology quickly render CPUs, video samsung 955df, and motherboards obsolete, a quality monitor can last years.

Samsung SyncMaster 955DF monitor

Do not drop the monitor when moving it. Remove all electronic devices such as radios, samsung 955df, clocks and telephones that are within 3 feet one meter of the monitor.

Just looking at them, with a variety of different graphics, the DF screens all look better than fine for the vast samshng of PC tasks. It’s really hard to describe but the monitor looks “blurry” May 6, Posts: Page 22 On-Screen Display 1. Base Installation Prepare a blank disk and download the driver program file at the Internet web site samsung 955df here.


The language chosen affects only the language of the Samsung 955df. How can I adjust the resolution? Below is a summary of the DF’s specifications. The samsung 955df shows one color as if looking at the strange colors or screen through a cellophane Make sure samsung 955df video card is fully just black and paper? My display adapter is a Radeon LE, and I suspect that the video card is your problem. Page 36 Before calling for service, check the information in this section to see if samsung 955df can remedy any samsung 955df yourself.

If you do need assistance, please call the phone samzung on the warranty card, the phone number on the Information section or contact your dealer.

If using a screen saver, set it to the active screen mode. A “19 inch” screen will have about a square inch viewable area, while a “21 inch” will manage about square inches.